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This is the first year I can remember in  a long time where I am not being affected adversely by the cold weather and lack of sunlight.  December and January are usually my least favorite months and I often feel like I am hanging on by my finger nails until spring time when I can again feel the warmth of the sun spreading its light upon the earth and my body.  Strangely, I even felt this way when I lived in southern California where it is sunny and temperate all year round.

A lot of things have changed for me.  And I don’t think it is a far cry to say my life has completely changed in the past six months or so.  This is all due to embracing a diet that is really working for my body and is helping me heal from the inside out.

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Thanksgiving Limited Diet Menu Planner


Are you on a limited, allergen-free diet but want to enjoy Thanksgiving with delicious baked goods and foods you would normally eat on a “regular diet”?

You’re in luck! Because we have a wonderful allergen-free menu plan for Thanksgiving.  If you are looking for a different diet, we have two other Thanksgiving Menu Planners:

You can access all of our Thanksgiving and Holiday menu planners on the membership site.  Read more about the membership site here.

It is  a yummy and beautiful menu plan for Thanksgiving day that is free of the following food allergens:

no dairy –  (butter is used but alternatives are given)

no gluten – all grains and products containing gluten

limited grains – There is a recipe for wild rice stuffing for people who can eat rice.   All desserts are grain-free.

no sugar – only natural sweeteners are used, such as raw honey and maple syrup

Grain and Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Crust

Grain and Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Crus

no soy – no soybean oil, lecithin, and other soy products

limited starches – there is a regular mashed potatoes recipe as well as a mashed cauliflower recipe for people who can’t eat starch or nightshades.

no corn

no beans and legumes

egg-free options – there are two egg free desserts and many other egg-free options

This menu planner can be used for many diets including:

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-Free
  • GAPS
  • SCD
  • Paleo
  • Yeast-free – I used honey in the recipes but you can use stevia if you like.

What kinds of foods will be used:

Meat, eggs, vegetables (non-starchy), nuts, seeds, fruit, honey, coconut, and other whole food ingredients.

MENU: You will find there is plenty to choose from for your specific diet.  I don’t expect you’ll make all these desserts, but I am sure you will find one that you’ll LOVE!

Thanksgiving Day Menu:

Snacks (for hungry children before dinner is served):

  • Crispy Pecans
  • Pumpkin Dip with Apple Slices (contains cashews and sunflower seeds)


Gluten and Dairy free Green Bean Casserole


  • Roasted Turkey



  • Spiced Cranberry Sauce
  • Mushroom Gravy (contains cashews)
  • Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut


  • Coconut Savory Rolls (contains eggs)
  • Coconut Bread Stuffing (contains eggs)
  • Wild Rice Pecan Stuffing (egg-free and gluten-free)


Gluten-free and Dairy-free Pecan Pie


  • Pumpkin Bars (contains almonds and eggs)
  • Pumpkin Pie (contains eggs)
  • Egg-free Pumpkin Pie (contains almonds)
  • Egg-Free Apple-Apricot Pie (contains almonds)
  • Pecan Pie (contains nuts and eggs)

Pie crusts and Dessert Toppings

  • Gluten-Free Almond Pie Crust (contains almonds)
  • Nut-Free Coconut Pie Crust (contains coconut)
  • Cashew Date Frosting (contains cashews)
  • Coconut Whipped Cream (contains coconut)
  • Coconut Icing (contains coconut)

What does the menu planner include?

  • An organized shopping list
  • ALL of the recipes above for you to choose from for the day of Thanksgiving
  • Substitution ideas for main ingredients of dishes
  • Kid-Friendly Tips

How much is the menu planner?

$5.95 You can ORDER the menu planner here!

OR:  You can access the Thanksgiving Limited Diet Menu Planner on the membership site along with the following other holiday menu planners and recipes:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Important Information:  (Please read and follow these steps to receive your menu planner)

  1. When you click “Buy Now,” you will be directed to Paypal where you can pay securely for the menu planner.
  2. If you don’t have a Paypal account and don’t want to create one, you can pay by credit card by clicking on the link inside Paypal that says, “Don’t have a Paypal account?  Pay by credit card.”
  3. If you want to pay by check, please contact me for my mailing address.  I will add you to the list once I receive your check.
  4. Once you pay for the menu planner in Paypal, you will be directed to a confirmation page, asking you to check your email for a confirmation email from Sarah Schatz.
  5. Check your email (the email address that is linked to your Paypal account) and click on the link inside the email to confirm your email address.
  6. Once you confirm your email address, you should receive the Thanksgiving Menu Planner immediately in your email as a PDF document.
  7. If you are having trouble receiving your menu planner, please visit my FAQ page where I walk you through how to troubleshoot the problem.
  8. If you have followed all of these steps and you do not receive it right away, please send me an email and I will send you a link to the menu planner.

I hope you have a beautiful and splendid Thanksgiving this year, no matter what your diet is!

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