what people say about our menu planners…

“I am very glad I found your site. I really was at my wits end with how everything I was eating was making me feel. Finally, I just cut what seemed like everything out of my diet. Then I thought, “well, now what am I supposed to eat.” Since finding your site, I am enjoying my new adventures in grocery shopping and cooking. Armed with a bunch of recipes from your site for just two weeks, I can actually breathe through my nose for the first time in a long time. I had no idea it was food allergies that were affecting my sinuses. My stomach feels a lot better too. Thank you for your help.”

~Bheki N.

“I wanted to take a minute and say thank you.  My daughter recently was diagnosed with Celiac disease and an allergy to casein.  I was on information overload and very over whelmed.  I happened upon your website and I must say my stress level has decreased ten fold.  We tried your sample menu and I felt as if I was eating at a fancy restaurant in my own home and I had cooked it.  Your meals are quick, easy and wonderful to eat.  Thank you for giving me hope and joy in the kitchen again.”

~ Natalie S.

“Thank you for all of the support and ideas I have received over the last several months. I truly know that you and your web site were a gift from God to help me get through this transition into our new way of eating. I found many new foods I had never tried before and found that I can cook nutritional meals in short amounts of time that meet our needs.”

“Surprising new ideas and fresh tastes.  Delicious.  Saves time and money and simplifies shopping.  Takes the guesswork out of mealtime. The menu planner sounded like a good idea but I am a good cook and didn’t really need help with creativity in the kitchen.  And besides, there was already so much going on; this just seemed like one more thing to do.

But I was absolutely amazed!  The meals are delicious, quick and easy to prepare and always beautiful. The colors and tastes reflect the ART of Sarah’s HeArt of Cooking.

And it takes no time!  In fact, it takes less time because everything you need for a meal is at your fingertips thanks to the weekly meal coordinate shopping list that comes with each menu item.

Clearly the biggest benefit is the delicious meals, surprising tastes and combinations that bring pleasure to all the senses.  Secondly, the ease and speed with which a delightful meal can be prepared.  It all happens in less then 30 minutes.  ”

And third, having a precise list of things to buy saves money because I don’t buy things I don’t need.  I probably save between $30 to $70 per week on my grocery bill because I am not buying things at random.

This is the most satisfying, easy to use and delicious program I’ve found. The quality of the meals makes eating healthy a priority.  Every menu is designed to meet your specific dietary needs.  This is not to be missed!”

~JVD ~ Berkeley Springs, WV

I just wanted to tell you what a blessing your meal planners have been to our family. we are savoring both the taste of our meals and the time spent together eating them. 🙂 my 3 little ones are 5, 3 and nearly 2. i thought they might be a little resistant to some of the new dishes at first. i was wrong! every meal is like a surprise for them! they’re totally intrigued by what ingredients are found in each dish.

I am excited to have found a new joy in cooking. with all of our restrictions, i have struggled with feeling bound and frustrated. i definitely needed a boost of encouragement. thanks for providing that for me.

in gratitude,

katie bodager

“I want to say that just receiving your menu plan is such a relief  already. I’ve been trying to follow the GAPS diet for several months now and have been overwhelmed with it much of the time.  Your straight forward, very well organized approach is fabulous and a load off my mind! Thank you for the work you’re doing!”


“I used to literally sit down and cry when I had to think about meal planning for our family’s crazy food allergies and sensitivities. No one I know even understands what I have gone through just to shop and prepare meals for our special needs.

“Having a menu, a shopping list, and recipes for the week has changed my entire outlook on shopping, meal planning, and cooking. I am not stressed because…I have a list! I know what to buy and I know what to cook. There aren’t too many leftovers, and everyone is eating together, happily. What a difference!”

~ H.L, Columbia, MD

“I thought the meal planner would be good and it is even better! Very organized, full of substitutions, delicious and healthful. It has taken a burden off of the daily question of what to prepare. I love cooking, but during the work week, I don’t have much time. The meal planner has given my cooking a refreshing boost.

“I love your recipes. They are delicious, versatile, and easy to assemble.  Because I avoid night shade vegetables, your substitutions are a great. Tomatoes in particular are a problem, unfortunately. It’s wonderful to have these creative ideas.

“Some people read novels, I read cookbooks! Your meal planner is an easy read that inspires me to want to cook.  Good luck with the continuation of future meal planners. I always look forward to Thursdays now!

Thanks for the great resource.

~ M.W., Tallahassee, Florida

“Initially, I thought I might be stressed out by the menu planner, like I would have pressure to preform or do the recipes exactly as they say.

“But I didn’t find this at all!  The suggestions that are listed for each main ingredient in the recipes actually gives permission to experiment, be creative and use foods that work for our diet.  It is such a great thing since we have multiple food allergies and can’t always eat everything in the recipes.

“I have a son in kindergarten who at times doesn’t like what is on the menu.  But with the creative options listed as well as the kid-friendly tips, it is easy and fun to change the recipe so that he enjoys it too!

“Since sometimes I can get in a rut with cooking, the menu planner gives the inspiration I need to continue with my diet.  Otherwise, I can find myself slipping and eating foods that really aren’t good for me.

“But having a menu that is delicious and free of the main foods we need to avoid keeps me on my diet and feeling great!”

~ N.M., Austin, Texas

“My initial attraction to the menu planner was because it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, and I wouldn’t have to convert other recipes and look for hidden ingredients I might be sensitive to.  I also really appreciate that it’s “whole food,” rather than stuff from cans and boxes.

“It’s very organized and easy to follow and everything I’ve made has been quite good.  I’m not really a cook, but I can make the recipes and they come out yummy.  Sometimes I substitute ingredients, and they still come out good!  Everything can be done in less than an hour and many of the ingredients are things I already use.

“Before I started, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make the recipes, but even I can do it and they come out really good.

“I am not a picky eater, but having become sensitive to so many foods over the years, I no longer could eat the broad array I used to.  After using the planner, it made me realize that I had been eating the same few foods most of the time, mostly some meat and a starch and a vegetable.  Very plain.  The planner broadened my choices greatly and helped me to eat new things, or old things in new ways.

“Each week I print the planner out and put it in a three-ring binder.  I just flip open to the page I need as the binder rests on the counter and cook away.  This keeps everything organized and easy to find.”  ~J.F.

“Thank you for putting together the website and the menus which have been very helpful to me since I chose to go gluten free this year.  The shopping lists are especially useful because I am a very lazy shopper and despise the grocery store so the less time I spend wondering what to buy the better! ~S.G.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I have been struggling to feed my family healthy allergen free foods for some time now. At last family friendly meals we can all enjoy.  I have arthritis so try to follow a diet of unprocessed/ anti inflammatory food, my oldest daughter suffers from Crohn’s disease so she follows a vegan diet.  So we are definitely looking forward to your new vegan recipes.

My youngest daughter has just been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and milk sensitivities. I also have a husband and 2 sons who are large active meat eating junk food loving tradesmen so feeding every one has been a nightmare until I discovered your website.

So far we have had your beautiful chicken soup and Thai turkey burgers and the blue berry muffins all eaten with much pleasure by all of my harsh food critics. Tonight we are having the Salmon with pesto and I am going to make the dairy free cheese.

I live in Australia (born New Zealand) and generally find USA recipes far removed from what we down under would normally eat and ingredients hard to find however your clean fresh basic approach to wholesome eating is fabulous. The shopping list was great and my husband was thrilled that he recognised and would “choose” to eat all of the ingredients listed on it.  Thank you so much for all your hard work. Really looking forward to your new website. Please know that all your hard work is truly appreciated. ”


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