Christmas Pancakes

A couple weeks ago I decided to try something different with the regular Saturday morning pancakes my son normally eats for breakfast.  I think it all started when my husband said that his grandmother used to make pancakes in all sort of different shapes, like Micky Mouse and such.

From there, I thought of using cookie cutters and round biscuit cutters to make shaped pancakes.  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it, but here is how it went:

I got my batter ready and heated up the skillet with coconut oil.  I use a good amount of oil – not so much the pancakes are swimming in it, but so that they definitely won’t stick.

I placed a couple of cookie cutters on the skillet and poured enough batter into them until they were a normal pancake thickness.

I really didn’t know what I was going to do next.  But once they were cooked on one side, I used a towel to pick up the cookie cutter because it was hot.

Then I used a butter knife to cut around the edges of the pancake next to the cookie cutter.  They gave away pretty easily and dropped down.  I flipped them over and cooked them briefly on the other side.

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Butternut Squash “Risotto”

Welcome to the new website! I hope you find it even easier to navigate and enjoyable to look at.  Also, check out our new video if you haven’t had the chance yet!  You can find the link on the sidebar…  For some reason I can’t figure out how to link to it and will have to ask my wonderful web programmer.

The site was supposed to launch on the 15th so if you’ve been waiting, I apologize for the delay.  After Thanksgiving we’ll be diving into working on the member site portion which will hopefully be done sometime in January.

I am feeling a need for a break from the more technical areas of my work, so I thought I’d post a new recipe for you today!  I am very excited about this one.  I am finding that the cauliflower rice is very versatile and works in so many wonderful dishes you’d normally use regular rice in – like Chicken and Rice Soup.  So I thought I would give Risotto a try and I ended up loving it.  I believe my son would have loved it had I not put so much garlic in it!

If you’ve never made regular risotto with Arborio rice, it is really quite easy and not as hard as it may seem.  The main trick is the heat the stock apart from the rice in a separate pot, and then slowly add it to the rice as it cooks, stirring very frequently.

I used the same idea in this recipe, however I didn’t use nearly as much stock as you’d use in regular Risotto. I didn’t really consider this to be a Thanksgiving recipe but I am sure this would make a lovely addition to the table!

So here you go:

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