It's not about doing it "right"

When we are learning anything new – such as learning to cook – it is easy to get caught in the belief that you have to make a recipe perfect the first time you try it. However, making “mistakes” is inevitable when you’re learning anything new.  I think “learning experiences” is a better name for them than mistakes.  I also call them explorations.  Each time something doesn’t “turn out” as expected, I use the experience to gain knowledge as to what will most likely work better next time.  Or sometimes, I do something I didn’t mean to and it turns out better than it would have otherwise.

Maybe you already know how to cook but are new to cooking gluten or dairy-free meals. You may feel a little apprehension about it because it is brand new and requires some new learning on your part.  However, the only way anyone learns anything is to just jump in and try it.  And a good place to start is to follow some gluten and dairy-free recipes.

When life becomes about “doing it right” or “perfect,” there tends to be a standstill in creativity or even in getting things done. There may be voices in the back of your mind such as: “I don’t know how to do it so therefore I can’t do it”, or “what if I make a mistake?”  These voices can be small and subtle but very powerful forces in our lives.

The same voice can rule us in the kitchen, or in any creative endeavor for that matter. The trick is to notice it but follow through with your intention anyway.  For example, let’s say your intention is to start cooking for your family more instead of eating out or buying prepackaged dinners.  But you keep putting it off and making excuses like, “you won’t be able to do it right.”  It is in the moment you have this thought that you have a choice – to listen to it or to move forward with making dinner no matter how daunting it may be.

This week: start to notice the “little thoughts” that take up your consciousness and ask yourself if they are helping you or not.  If they’re not, strive not to listen to them, and move forward with what your heart intends.  And listen to the thoughts that feed your heart!

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