Am I having a Herxheimer reaction? Plus great grain-free goodies

Grain-free Coconut Crepes

Grain-free Coconut Crepes

Last week I got hit pretty hard with a Herxheimer reaction.  A what, you say?

A Herxheimer reaction (also called a “die-off” reaction or a “Healing Crisis”) “is the result of the rapid killing of microorganisms and absorption of large quantities of yeast toxins, cell particles and antigens.”  (Virgin Coconut Oil).

Basically what this is saying is that when toxins try to leave the body faster than it can handle, it creates “die-off” symptoms which can vary from person to person.  The symptoms are usually a repeat of symptoms a person already has but they can get worse before they get better.

But it’s a good thing!  It means your body is actually on its way to achieving a new level of healing.  However, it is difficult sometimes to know if you’re simply reacting to something you ate (in a bad way) or if there is actually a healing crisis going on.

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