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This week I had somewhat of a spontaneous “traditional foods cook day” for our family.  When I cook for clients as a personal chef, I call it a “cook day”, so this is where the term comes from.  It all came about when I decided to finally catch up on making sauerkraut and broth, both of which have been somewhat ignored since moving into our new house.

I also had to make tea for kombucha, our weekly yogurt and finish off packaging the soaked and dehydrated nuts I’d made over the weekend.  I had some time while Elijah slept so I got to work!

I have never made all my ferments and other traditional food items in this way – I usually just spread out making these type of foods over the week.  But it actually turned out really well and I got a lot done.

I ended up making the following:

  • Lacto-fermented Sauerkraut with carrots and caraway seeds (followed recipe in Nourishing Traditions without the whey and added grated carrots)
  • Chicken broth (let cook for almost 24 hours)
  • Kombucha
  • SCD/GAPS goat yogurt (we go through about 3-4 quarts of this a week so I make it about twice a week)
  • Soaked and dehydrated sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts

I’m so looking forward to having sauerkraut again.  My husband loves it and eats it a lot whenever I do make it.  But I haven’t made it for quite some time because of all the work with the house.  I bought some Bubbies to tide us over but my husband even thought the homemade was better.  But I did end up using the leftover juice from the Bubbies container to help it a long with the fermentation process.

It feels so nice to have all of the “staples” caught up!

As for our meals the past week, here is our allergen-friendly, GAPS/SCD compliant menu un-plan the past week:

Here are some pictures of some of the items above, and I’ll be writing blog posts this week about some of the recipes…

Garden Pizza with almond flour pizza crust

Garden Pizza with almond flour pizza crust


Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream - Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free

Berry Juice Popsicles

Berry Juice Popsicles

I am submitting this (late again) as part of the Tuesday Twister Carnival at GNOWFGLINS.com.  Be sure to check out the other great real food blog posts this week.  Enjoy!

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  1. hi, I am a personal chef as well. Are your clients mostly traditional food people ? Do you do other cooking too ? I am subtly and slowing moving my clients towards traditional foods, some without them even knowing it, lol. I look forward to making that coconut bread. Thanks for the recipe.

    I too try to do a personal chef day for myself once a month or so, making broth, catching up on ferments, sprouts, etc.

  2. Hi Charity,
    Most of my clients have food restrictions of some kind or another. But I wouldn’t say that they are traditional food people. I do use coconut oil when cooking but I don’t have time to make ferments and broths for them. I use the purest broth I can find without any additives when cooking for them though. thanks for your comment!


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