Gluten Free Pizza Crust (also grain-free, dairy free, yeast free and sugar free)

Gluten free and grain free pizza

Gluten free and grain free pizza

Okay, so this may seem off topic.  But I’m doing a post about pizza today.  Reason being I’ve been wanting to do a post about this particular pizza crust for weeks and I finally got a good shot last week.  I also thought that people need some ideas for dinner prior to Thanksgiving so that they have the energy to do all the shopping and cooking this week!

I’ve been making this pizza crust for several weeks now and I really enjoy it.  My husband has confessed (a few times) that he misses the yeast-y gluten-free pizza dough I used to make.  I agree, it was tasty and tasted just like the real thing.

But since going grain free, yeast free and sugar free, the pizza crust I’ve been making marches to the beat of a different drum…

But it really is delicious in my opinion.  And if you can’t have yeast or grains or sugar, it is really a great alternative.

The best part of the recipe is it is so easy! No waiting for it to rise.  No kneading.  Only four ingredients!. Just mix and pat into a pan and then bake it.  It’s is feasible to make the whole pizza for dinner in 45 minutes depending on what toppings you use.  But you can also make the crusts over the weekend, prebake and then freeze them for later if time is an issue for you during the week.

I originally got this recipe made with hazelnut flour here.  But I used almond flour instead and I really like the texture.  I’ve also used almond meal and it also worked well.  It tasted more like a wheat crust.

This time I used the pizza stones that my mom gave me at least a year ago.  They are little so you have to make little pizzas.  The recipe made three small individual sized pizzas and the picture above is of the last piece before it got eaten for lunch the next day.

The pizza stones did make a difference I have to say.  It was a bit crispier but still “chewy” on the inside.  It had a great texture to it.

To get the recipe, visit the Grain Free Foodies blog.  The only thing I did differently was change the flour to almond flour.

Gluten Free and GAPS friendly Pizza Crust Recipe

Enjoy and have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving this week!

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  1. I make a similar crust with almond flour (From Elana Amsterdam’s Almond Flour Cookbook) and I have to say my grain-free crust gets rave reviews. My boyfriend (a pizza connoisseur) prefers it to all others.

  2. That’s funny, I am making pizza tonight (the chicken I was supposed to make wasn’t thawed enough)! Maybe that should be a new pre-Thanksgiving tradition. I’ve been wanting to try that crust since you posted about it, I’ll have to make a note to use my pizza stone when I do. Tonight’s pizza is a gluten-free but not grain-free one. I love your suggestion of making the crust ahead and freezing it too.

  3. if you eat dairy pizza crust is awesome made with almond meal and finely shredded parmisean cheese!

  4. Putter Smith says:

    Great recipe!
    But I have high uric acid and cant have almonds in my organic lifestyle as it triggers my gout attacks.
    Is there a flour that would work for me=gluten free-sugar free-nut free??
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Hi Putter,
    I just found this recipe yesterday and it looks excellent. Let me know how you like it:

  6. I tried it with almond meal since I didn’t have almond flour or hazelnut flour. It still worked but the crust was almost like a cracker. Still you could pick it up and eat it like wheat-based pizza crust.

    Thanks for the pointers. I will definitely try it again when I have the right flour or if I desperately need some rice-free crackers.

  7. I love you. No really. I do. I did not expect to find exactly what I was looking for. I figured I would just find a recipe with other grain flours and sugars and I would have to substitute with what I can eat. But the chances of it coming out well are much higher if there is a recipe that I can follow exactly. Don’t have all of the ingredients yet and I have to make my own almond flour, but I’m really excited about this one!!!

  8. I’m so happy I have found this recipe and your blog 😉
    I just added this link to a post with my pizza recipe.
    Take a look:

  9. Dear Sarah,

    I’m so excited to find your yeast free pizza. But I am allergic to almonds. Would brown rice flour work or any other suggestions?

    Thanks so much,
    Betty Roy

  10. HI Betty,
    Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you. You can use any other nut or seed. You may want to try hazelnut flour or ground up pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I like doing half pumpkin and half sunflower seeds. Good luck!


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