Why timing is everything

Take a minute and think about our beautiful natural world and how everything tends to follow a kind of order; where trees change according to seasons, the sun rises and sets at a specific but changing time each day, and the birds know that winter is coming and begin to migrate south.  All of these things define many moments in our lives and give a resting place to know that at least something in life is following a specific timing.

Our lives in the city and as humans usually aren’t this simple.  Add in raising a child or two and expect any kind of time table you have to fall of your map.  Things simply don’t get done at the time you may have expected or wanted them to.  And if they do, it may appear to be a miracle of your day.

When it comes to cooking though, timing is a huge part of how a dish is going to turn out.  And although I believe there is definitely room for error or even personal taste, timing is simply one of those rules you don’t want to mess with too much.

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